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Gates iLok™ Couplings

The Gates iLok™ coupling has been specially designed for reducing downtime when moving longwall equipment. The coupling has been developed to substitute staple lock and super staple lock couplings. When compared to staple-lock couplings, iLok™ is quicker and safer to install.

Moving a longwall miner takes many man-hours. Usually, it takes 20 minutes to remove staple-lock couplings and when there are over 500 connections, that is nearly 167 hours of labour. Gates iLok™ couplings can be safely  and quickly disconnected in 2 minutes or less, taking only 17 hours of labour.

Often dangerous practices are used to decouple staple-lock couplings when moving the longwall equipment. Crowbars are used to pry the staples loose, or hammers are used to beat on the coupling ferrule or the hose. This can result in a cracked ferrule or damaged hose, leading to a leak or catastrophic burst.

Gates iLok™ coupling has coarse, flattened threads to allow hand-tightening and it can be connected and disconnected quickly and safely. The cable lock can be cut and removed and the swivel nut turned by hand to disconnect. There are slots on the swivel nut which can fit a spanner wrench in case additional effort is required to loosen the coupling. 

Impulse tested to 133% of operating pressure at  +121°C for 1-million impulse cycles (SAE J343 impulse wave, 50 cycles/minute)

Exceeds Code 62 of SAE J518 flange specifications for 420 bar (6,000 psi) lines

4:1 design factor (burst to working pressure ratio)

TuffCoat® Xtreme™ plating provides red rust protection that exceeds the 72-hour SAE standard by 1,000%

MSHA-approved for underground mining applications

 Download the iLok brochure here.
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